As someone who has navigated the challenging waters of leadership, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and insights with others. My journey began in 2014 when I was thrust into a leadership role in healthcare management, despite still completing my healthcare administration degree. I quickly realized that there was a tremendous gap in terms of leadership preparedness, development, and ongoing training - not just in the workplace, but in all areas of life. This realization coupled with my passion for coaching and mentoring others, sparked my later career pivot into the realm of leadership coaching and drove me to empower others by addressing the consciousness crisis in the world, one leader at a time.

Through my own journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, I learned that we are all meant to lead at the very minimum, ourselves and in our own lives. For as long as I can remember, I've always been an introvert - a very quiet and shy girl who preferred to hide out in corners rather than be the center of attention. Because of this, for much of my adulthood, I've struggled with my own confidence and self-esteem. However, after embarking on my self-discovery journey as a means to grow as a leader during my healthcare management career, I've since grown more and more comfortable being vulnerable and sharing my experiences and insights in order to help others realize their authentic selves and reach their fullest potential.

My approach to leadership is centered around authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy. I believe that everyone has unique gifts that they can unlock and bring to the world. I believe that everyone has within them an inner phenomenal leader just waiting to be recognized and embodied that will allow each of us to be absolutely unstoppable!

How got into leadership coaching; from introvert to inspirational speaker and TV show host and multi-book author

Angilie's story

This ever-growing enlightenment coupled with my continued growth in knowing and loving my true authentic self has led me to various opportunities including become an inspirational speaker, the host of not just one but two TV shows, and authoring several books.

Various speaking engagements and media appearances have allowed me to share my message of self-leadership mastery, the conscious leadership of others and personal empowerment with a wider audience and inspire others to lead themselves, in their lives and others with purpose and intention.

Conscious Empowerment

As a leader, I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development. I continue to seek out opportunities for growth and learning, and I am always eager to share my insights with others. Whether through speaking engagements, coaching, or writing, I am passionate about helping others unlock their full potential and lead and live with authenticity and purpose.

Continuous Growth

 Angilie's highly acclaimed second book, "Leader Mindset Activation," was released. Helping leaders to Transform from a Manager to a Visionary Leader.


Angilie and her husband ditched their excuses, sold everything, rented out their house, and embarked on a journey to explore the world.


Angilie conquered her introverted nature to become a  confident speaker. She achieved another major life goal:  she published her first book the "Mindset, The Power of the Mind". 


Angilie  made a bold decision to pursue her passion. She attended life coaching school for a year and then she founded her own leadership coaching company.


Angilie began her leadership journey in the healthcare industry as a people manager, marking the start of her transformative self-discovery and growth as a leader.



Angilie and her team launched their 2 TV Shows: "Unveil Your Brilliance with Angilie Kapoor" and "Take the Lead: A Consciousness Movement" .




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Dive into 2 thrilling TV shows with me as your host. Tune in now for an unforgettable experience!

Join me and my 10K strong social media family for daily inspiration and engaging content. Let's connect and grow together!

With two decades of leadership experience, I'm here to share stories, lessons, and help you grow.

"Leadership isn't just a title, it is a way of being."


Not so secret


You’ll find several Michael Jackson songs on my ‘get pumped up’ playlist. 

2020  My  meeting with Michael

My husband and I love exploring new places and cultures.

2023  exploring  Munnar, India

Hang out with me and you will discover my silly side.

2022 getting  a kick out of the mosquito nets

My husband and I are a perfect match. We compliment each other so well.

2023 fun photo shoot


Angilie Kapoor is an accomplished speaker and thought leader who has delivered talks on a wide range of topics, including leadership, innovation, and personal growth. As an event organizer, you can benefit from her insights and expertise by booking her to speak at your next event.

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